Perfectly Sparrow

I have not been so good about posting any art on here lately, and not because I have not been doing a whole lot of it, but I had to post my most recent illustration project with author Theresa Goiffon. 


Fully illustrated 34 pages in an 8×8 design paperback.  An inspirational true story as seen and told through the eyes and voice of Sparrow, an Australian Terrier born with three legs.

Each book will be personally signed by the Author and stamped by Sparrow.

A percentage of your purchase goes toward the donation of books to organizations that provide services to children and veterans across the country. Click on the link below to purchase.



3 thoughts on “Perfectly Sparrow

  1. Susan congratulations – on your inspiring and also “faithful” artwork of Sparrow. You have completely understood and interpreted the spirit of this courageous little Aussie – and at the same time have given the respect and regard of Theresa’s love of her little paw so that others may learn and understand what it is to be special. You have both worked together with dignity and faith that what you believed in would be so worthwhile. Blessed be to you, all the DL family and our dear little Sparrow. Margaret Ann and all the Paws here on the hill.


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