bioPhoto2I love food and I love art. Cooking has always been an expression of art and love for me. To have people gathered around your table or in the kitchen is one of my favorite experiences. Our family loves to eat. We would be eating a meal and be talking about meals we had eaten in the past, restaurants that inspired us to try new things, meals we might eat in the future. Family celebrations always required food. I love to experiment and share cooking with our friends and family so with this blog I hope to share my culinary adventures!


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  1. Susan, we must have very similar tastes because 99% of your recipes I would love to try (and hope to eventually). Maybe it’s because we were born quite near each other?! Thanks for the wonderful recipes and blog.


  2. You remind me so much of your mother. She was a very good cook as well. All of your recipes look delicious. I am going to make the Squash Soup today! Do you cook with Organic ingredients?


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